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We are a licensed  general contrator working primarily with home owners, investors, small business owners and as a subcontractor for specialized tasks. We are hardworking, honest and strive for excellence and integrity in everything that we do. We are solution-driven and will work to find creative solutions to fit your budget and schedule.

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My name is Ivan Romo. I am a Civil Engineer and graduated from the University of Toronto in 2014. Aside from engineering and construction, I have delved into other fields such as  sustainability and philosophy.  I come from a long line of builders, metallurgic engineers, hydroelectric engineers, cabinet makers, painters, property managers, entrepreneurs, etc. from South America and Europe. Along my journey for a few years now I have renovated homes, either for use as a primary residence, or as a rental/ income producing property. I have worked in various areas of construction such as concrete formwork, concrete placement (high rise), building envelope solutions, project management, unitized curtain wall, leak investigations, etc. For the most part you will find me filthy from a hard-day’s work, and happy to see everything coming together.

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Structural Steel - Structural Wood - Siding - Windows - Stairs - Bricks - Bathrooms - Kitchens - Attic Renovations - Exterior and Interior Painting - Finishes - Soffits - Front Porch Finishes - Framing - Drywall - Concrete - Tiling - Flooring - 3D Conceptual Design Modeling - Insulation - etc.

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